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Arenasticks, also know as Thundersticks or Bangsticks are the perfect advertising medium for sports or other major events

Arenasticks, also known as Cheersticks, Bangsticks or Clapsticks are the perfect advertising medium for public viewings or other events. The inflatable sticks produce a metallic sound that is much louder than normal clapping.

Due to the size of the advertising space and the use in an emotional environment, the Clapsticks are ideal for companies to dive a complete arena or event in their corporate design. In the US and Asia, these Cheersticks are already a great success.

The Bangsticks can be printed according to your wishes. Whether monochrome slogan, multi-colored logo or photorealistic imprint – everything is possible.

You can choose from nearly 1,000 shades of colors and a variety of shapes. In addition to the normal sticks, we can also offer you ARENASTICKS in hammer, bone, number or racquet form. In addition, we also produce the popular cheering hands and inflatable seat cushions.



Below is a brief overview of the design options of the ARENASTICKS.


Cheersticks are mainly used at events, sports competitions, concerts or stadiums. The two sticks are inflated first and then, by clapping against each other, produce a loud noise, e.g. to cheer on the favorite team.

The large print area (about 55 x 10 cm printable area) make the sticks an excellent promotional item for sponsors, clubs or events. In addition to the noise when clapping, the bangsticks attract the attention of the audience for your company through a CI-compliant design – whether live on site or on the TV screens.

You have free choice for the design of your clapsticks – from the monochrome imprint to the photorealistic design there are no limits. Whether logo, slogan or a product image – let your creativity run wild. Our graphic artist will gladly create a digital design for the Bang Sticks.

In addition to the classic thundersticks, we offer you a wide range of other forms, printing and design options.

The minimum order quantity for the individualized ARENASTICKS is 500 pairs, the delivery time for this quantity is approx. 2-3 weeks after placing your order. We understand that sometimes it has to be a bit faster – we will gladly try to meet your desired delivery date.

Our references will convince you – well known companies in Germany and all over Europe trust us in terms of design and production of the cheersticks. Dive a whole stadium or event in your corporate colors.

Request your non-binding offer for your individual ARENASTICKS today.