Giveaways for customers are a strategy that companies like to use to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers. For this purpose, there are many promotional products to choose from, which can be printed with the logo and / or the company slogan and ensure that a company stays in mind with the target group. Therefore It is important that customers and prospects often remember the company. In this way, advertisers can increase their reach and increase their revenues over long term.

When a company is looking for the right promotional item, some factors need to be considered. Very popular are products that can be distributed as a gift. However, classical giveaways harbor the danger that they will be perceived as interchangeable by the target group. This is especially true for products that are distributed by many companies as gifts. Accordingly, the number of companies that opt ​​for higher-quality promotional items is increasing. Among the increasingly popular promotional items that can be printed as gifts with the logo of the company and distribute well within the target group, include so-called bangsticks, which are also known as thunder or cheering sticks. We at offer you a variety of inflatable bang sticks, which we individually print for you and which you can accordingly use as giveaways or promotional items.

Bangsticks Opel
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There are many different terms for bangsticks:

  • Cheersticks or cheering sticks
  • Clapsticks
  • Thundersticks

However, they all mean the same thing: they are advertising materials that are especially popular at major events – and in particular at sporting events. The inflatable sticks only show their true benefit when two pieces are used together, because the sticks are knocked against each other, creating a metallic sound. This is significantly louder than the normal, human clapping.

Bangsticks have a large advertising space. By being used in an emotional environment, they are perfect for companies who want to immerse a complete event or arena in their personal corporate design. Already they are a great success in Asia and the USA and also in Germany and the EU the use of bang sticks is increasing. Many fans of clubs or teams use them in sports competitions to cheer their team. The advantage for companies is that their advertising message can be printed very large. The clapping, which arises when using the sticks, draws the attention additionally to the advertising material.


You can have the sticks printed by according to your individual wishes. Everything is possible, from the monochrome slogan to the multicolored logo and a photorealistic imprint. When inflated, the cheersticks are about 60 x 10.8 cm in size. Accordingly, your logo can also be printed on it in a large format, so that the attention of your target group is assured. The area on which your logo can be printed is about 55 x 10 cm. This is much more than many other popular promotional items have – such as pens or lanyards. You can be sure that your logo or slogan will really stand out on the printed bangsticks.

Bangsticks Public Viewing
Bangsticks Stadium


In the offer of you will find bangsticks in almost 1,000 different colors and many different shapes. We do have the normal clap-sticks in the typical oblong shape in our assortment, but also variants in many other shapes such as:

  • bone shape
  • Bat shape
  • number shape
  • hammer shape
  • and so on

In addition, we also produce and print the trendy waving hands and seat cushions that can be inflated on request.

For sporting events, events in stadiums, for concerts and for competitions of all kinds, bangsticks are a popular advertising medium. The reason is obvious: people who attend a sporting event want to cheer for the preferred team loudly. For this purpose, the sticks are simply ideal, because once they have been inflated, they can be beaten against each other to make a loud noise. Accordingly, they are also very popular. Sponsors, clubs and organizers like to use the large advertising space of the bang sticks for a CI-compliant design. The loud noise attracts the attention of the bystanders and draws all eyes to the printed sticks. Even with a transmission on television, the advertising message comes out very well.

Of course, you have a free choice as far as the design of your cheersticks is concerned. Whether you want a monochrome imprint or a photorealistic design, let your creativity run free. We do everything for you: from the slogan to the company logo to the image of a product. Of course, our graphic designers can also create a digital artwork for your bang sticks. Just contact us for more information.


There are many reasons for ordering your cheersticks at We have well-known references – many well-known companies rely on us for the design and manufacture of the bangsticks. We still have produced and shipped out more than 5.000.000 bangsticks all over Europe. Our minimum order quantity is only 500 pairs. In addition to the classic, elongated design, we have many other shapes on offer so you can tailor your sticks to your business. A digital artwork is free of charge and without obligation. Finally, is characterized by short delivery times. Do not hesitate any longer and immerse your event or a complete stadium in the colors of your company. You are welcome to request a non-binding offer for your individual bangsticks.