Here is a list of the frequently asked questions.

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What are ARENASTICKS?2019-10-30T13:16:21+01:00

The ARENASTICKS are inflatable sticks that create a metallic sound when they hit each other. Properly used, the sticks are much louder than normal clapping.

What is the best use for the ARENASTICKS?2019-10-30T13:15:57+01:00

The sticks are mainly used at sport events or public viewings.

Is there a minimum order quantity?2019-10-30T13:15:24+01:00

Yes. The minimum order quantity for the ARENASTICKS is 500 pairs for the normal shape and 500 pieces for the special shapes, like bones, numbers and so on.

How many colors can be printed?2019-10-30T13:14:58+01:00

There is no real limit for the printing colours. Most customers order a monochrome or 2-color print.

Is it possible to print our company logo at the ARENASTICKS?2019-10-30T13:14:40+01:00

Of course. As a template we need a vector graphic or a high-resolution .pdf-file of your logo.

Is a photorealistic print possible?2019-10-30T13:14:19+01:00

Yes. Please send us your production template for review.

Can I order unprinted ARENASTICKS also?2019-10-30T13:13:41+01:00

Of course. You can also order unprinted Thundersticks in the color of your choice. Please ask us for prices.

How long does the delivery take?2019-10-30T13:13:05+01:00

The delivery time for the Clapsticks depends on the desired order quantity. It is between two to four weeks for 500 – 5.000 sticks and six to seven weeks for 50,000 sticks. Should you need an urgent delivery, we can also offer you an express delivery at an additional cost.

Are there different shapes of ARENASTICKS?2019-10-30T13:12:27+01:00

Yes. In addition to the normal sticks, we can also offer you hammer sticks, bone sticks, hockey sticks and much more.

What kind of sound do the ARENASTICKS produce?2019-10-30T13:12:03+01:00

The Bangsticks produce a metallic sound when they hit each other.

How are the ARENASTICKS packed?2019-10-30T13:11:04+01:00

The sticks are delivered in a polybag, along with the inflatable straw and instructions. For the normal version, there are two sticks in the polybag. For the special shapes, such as hammer, bones and hockey sticks, there is one stick in each polybag.

Which payment options do you offer?2019-10-30T13:10:09+01:00

As payment methods, we accept payment in advance and payment on invoice.