Printed cheersticks are also known as cheering sticks, bangsticks, clapsticks and thundersticks. These advertising materials are used especially in major sporting events and in the stadium. Actually, these are sticks that are filled with air. Once they are inflated, they look like a pole. That’s why the Arenasticks have their name. Normally, two sticks are struck against each other to produce a loud, clapping sound with a metallic sound. This sound is many times louder than the sound we make when we clap our hands together. Inflation is very easy thanks to the supplied straw, so that the sticks are ready for use after a few seconds.

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At the present time, every business needs to take special strategies to attract new customers and retain existing customers. For this purpose, freebies and give-aways are popular for many companies and businesses. In this context, there are a variety of products that are printable with, for example, the company logo or slogan. They are then distributed among the customers and the target group. The advantage of such advertising materials is that customers and prospects automatically remember the company whenever they use the product. So you stay in the minds of your customers for longer and can increase your sales, because you will gain more new customers and encourage existing customers to make further purchases.

But which promotional item is suitable for which company? This is a question that cannot be answered in general. Many companies continue to rely on products that can be distributed as a gift item. However, such advertising items, such as e.g. ballpoint pens are used so often that they are hardly anything special. So they lack individuality.

More companies are therefore looking for higher-quality giveaways that provide themselves with the company logo and distribute well among customers and prospects. So-called thundersticks are becoming more popular and are used increasingly. The well-known cheersticks or bangsticks promotional items are specifically for sporting events and events. Here at you will find cheer sticks in numerous different designs, which we print for you according to your personal ideas.

Printed thunder sticks are a popular advertising medium today because the advertising space is so large. On USB sticks and pens, there is little space for a company logo or slogan. That’s different with our cheering sticks. Especially companies that want to dive a complete stadium or an event in their corporate design like our cheer sticks.


The areas of application for the cheersticks are versatile. They are suitable for the following uses, for example:

  • As promotional items in the stadium: The sticks are conspicuous and have a large advertising space, which attract a lot of attention and increase the awareness of the advertiser.
  • For election campaigns or demonstrations: Here they turn out to be an incalculable and unmistakably promotional item.
  • Merchandising: companies can sell the cheersticks as fan merchandise.
  • In sports competitions of all kinds: With the advertising material fans can cheer on their team or their club.

Whenever a sporting event, a concert, a competition or an event takes place in an emotional environment, thunder sticks are an optimal advertising medium. The people who are interested in such an event, finally want to support and cheer their team. Here are thundersticks a valuable help. As a company you benefit from the fact that the loud noise produced by the bangsticks attracts the attention of the bystanders and thus attracts the eye. As a result, the inflatable sticks attract attention and thus the advertising message of your company.

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At you will find thundersticks in an extensive selection, so that there is something suitable for every company. Take a closer look at our references, because we have already produced thunder sticks for many prestigious companies. All in all, we have produced over 5.000.000 pairs of custom-printed cheersticks in the past, giving us a broad experience. The minimum order quantity is relatively low at with just 500 pairs/pieces. You can therefore order even small quantities and try out how your customers like the sticks. In addition to the typical shape, we offer the clapping sticks in many other designs and shapes. We offer you the opportunity to create an individual artwork in advance. Likewise, our short delivery times speak for us. So, why should you hesitate? Just contact us, so that we can make you a non-binding offer for your individually designed cheersticks.


It’s best to let the assortment of work on you and take a look at the thundersticks that we have to offer. You have the choice of almost 1,000 different colors. Your corporate colors are certainly included. In addition, we offer the bangsticks in several shapes. If the classic shape is not interesting for you, maybe the racquet, bone, number, or hammer shape are. On request, we can also produce waving hands or inflatable cushions for you. When designing your cheersticks, you have the choice: you decide whether you want to have the sticks printed in one color, whether you want to have your logo + claim imprinted on it or whether it might be a more elaborate design with color gradients and QR code. Our team of experts will gladly advise you individually on the design of your individual cheersticks.